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90 Seconds, Simply Count To 100 
3 Easy Steps To A Clear Understanding

Let our tool assess the frequency of your voice and give you a personalized emotional and mental well-being analysis through biofeedback. 

Coach, Therapist, Psychologist...

Get a baseline of emotions to assist your clients in getting an increased understanding of their emotions and mental characteristics.

Impact your culture and organizational performance.


Custom packages available. Please call to speak with a Vibeonix Representative.

Bringing Vibrational Intelligence

To Your Business And Personal Life

Building a model of informational transformation to better understand what we are thinking, feeling and doing.





Ready to find out more?

The first step is to try the Vibeonix Assessment and SEE the results. 

A word from our clients

What an amazing experience the guided assessment was.  It read me and my current vibration like a book. It was spot on. It was very much a true insight into my current state of being...

Igor Turkusic


"I did an assessment with my client today and it was especially good for me to know where her emotions were. By knowing which emotions were dominant in her...for example, anger was the most dominant. I was able to work with her to deal directly with her anger using my coaching techniques."


Kanwal Rizvi

Dubai, UAE

With Vibeonix the guessing game is out and the results are in! Instead of feeling lost in their emotions and approaching them with drudgery, my clients are excited and curious about which emotions are driving their results.

Andrea Christiansen

United States

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