Andrea Christiansen

I’m an Alignment Coach. I help people reprogram and align with what they want and who they are. Through life training group courses, custom one on one appointment, and online classes I create space for healing and emotional processing. I help people break down what they are feeling, saying and doing as a reflection of what they are creating. We then create new synaptic connections through deep hypnosis and meditation processing. Putting them on a path congruent with their goals. My specialties include conscious living, parenting, relationship-ing. Stress/anxiety relief, and self-acceptance. I feel called to work with women and men in reclaiming their truth and stepping into their power. You are your own master, your life is your creation. From the pain in your body to the clarity in your mind, you can change. It’s your programming that will tell you differently.My story includes years and experience in personally healing chronic pain, depression, debilitating anxiety, past trauma, and abuse triggers. I know first-hand whats it’s like to live in hell on this earth and I have made it my life mission to help others out of theirs.I believe what we seek is inside us, it’s just knowing, feeling and believing in it. Skills and certifications include Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life coaching, VibeonixGuide, Reiki master and studies in other modalities around mental health and emotional processing.


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