Angie Smart

Angie is a vibrational alignment coach, motivational speaker, and content creator. She specializes in personal growth, awakening and spiritual transformation through; reprogramming the mind, relationship coaching, vibrational alignment, and quantum healing w/ past life regression therapy.

In 2016 Angie co-created Elevated Worldwide, a transformational coaching company. In 2019 she wrote and created content for the emotional intelligence technology company, Vibeonix. She is continuing to do what she loves most... coaching, teaching masterclasses and educating individuals and coaches to follow their souls path. Angie has many gifts which include; locating generational patterns, remote viewing, reading the Akashic records and preparing Name Pattern Reports. She has worked with hundreds of individuals as well as businesses all over the world online and in person to improve their results. Angie utilizes many tools when working with her clients. One of her favorite tools is the Vibeonix Assessment. She believes the bioenergetic feedback received upon completing a Vibeonix Assessment is invaluable in assisting an individual to see the areas within themselves that they may otherwise not be aware of.

Upon spontaneously healing herself from debilitating back pain in 2006, she was not only surprised and in awe as she discovered that her pain was not only emotionally based but also went back multiple generations. With remote viewing she was able to see through the effects manifesting in her physical body, directly to the cause which had been passed down and manifesting in herself and her ancestors for generations. She is an autodidact in the field of mental and emotional health. She loves to study and spends hours continuing her education of the mind, emotional intelligence, healing, and metaphysics while she continues writing her next book. If you are seeking answers to the mysteries of your life, are ready to improve your results, and are willing to put in the work, you will truly enjoy working with Angie.

As a mother of four amazing teenagers, Angie is grateful each day for the gifts that life brings. FUN continues to be a big part of her life, in recent years she has trampled the terror barrier by learning the flying trapeze and river rafting the Snake River. In 2018 Angie came into union with her true twin-flame, whom she loves and appreciates dearly. She enjoys amazing experiences and synchronicities on a regular basis and lives in amazement daily for the knowledge awakened awareness provides.


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