Jennie McLaws

As a creation guide, I will guide you on your journey of awareness, acceptance, accountability and choice. In this place, so much is possible! Aided by your personal Vibeonix assessment, curiosity is your ally as you begin to ask questions. Questions have the power of creation growing within them. We use awareness and proven tools to disengage from the unwanted. With guidance and support we focus our energy to engage is what we truly want. In doing this we bring about intentional, powerful creation. Our focus on creating from a place of BE-ing is transformational in our world of do-ing. Trusting who you are, the desires you have, and the journey of discovery are all vital aspects in the process.

My style is individual and intuitive with a passion for CREATION

Sessions available by appointment online or in person.
Trained and Certified in:
Thought Field Therapy
Essential Oil Processes

About me: I love the outdoors. Running, hiking, and boating are favorite activities, especially when it includes my family. I also love music and am a master at using spotify.


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