Kenny Watkins

Kenny Watkins Have you ever started a project with out having a complete picture in your mind of what the finished product will look like? Then, as you begin, the ideas start to come and as it develops it takes you beyond anything you could have imagined. This is where I live! This is where I thrive! Come take a step into the black with me, and you will see the light will follow. Excellent at helping you find ways to manage / eliminate stress, overcome fear, learn and raise your vibration through practical mental and physical exercises. Expert at using analogy and story as a teaching method. I love personal one on one and small group settings. Digging deep and getting personal are my specialty. Being vulnerable and teaching others how they can find the courage to do so themselves. As I had to work hard for 20 years to overcome and awaken myself. I love sharing, how I was able to overcome fear and a fixed mindset. My goal is to help as many people as I can do the same.Come, let’s study, share, and grow together! “Every human face includes all others, this means that I spite my own face with every nose I desire to cut off. We separate from each other at our own peril.” “What mountains are to high for human hearts to scale?” -The Anatomy of Peace. Come discover the beauty and absolute necessity of your Wabi - Sabi


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