Laura Clancy

Laura Clancy helps individuals discover the inner peace they need to lead the strong life they desire.

With over 10 years of experience as a wellness coach, she firmly believes that everyone has their own unique answers to their deepest questions in the exploration of their life purpose.

As a certified Vibeonix guide, she’s honored to be a deep listener and reflect those answers back to clients who are seeking personal and professional transformation.


In case you’re wondering, “Why might I want to work with Laura?” The answer might be that “as a recovering perfectionist, former professional accountant and tax preparer, bygone overweight mother of two and one-time lackluster business owner, Laura determinedly sought and found her own real-world solutions through body, mind, spirit, health and wealth education to become a world record-setting powerlifter, best-selling author, and CEO of her company Muffin Toppled Enterprises, Inc.

Her personal and professional mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain millions to attain and love their life of significance. Though she takes her craft seriously, she also finds humor in anything and everything and helps her clients fill their emotional bank with levity.

Services Include: Online Vibeonix Assessment Guide, The-Well-Played Life Coaching; Executive Coaching; Writing Your Epic Life Story; Mastermind Group Training; and Corporate Short-Form Improv Professional Development Workshops.

Hours vary by day and can be made by appointment via email at or through her website at


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