Luke Palmer

Pleasure to meet you. I am Luke. About Me: I enjoy the outdoors (running, hiking, throwing a Frisbee, picnics, watching the sun rise and set, smelling flowers, reading on the grass), I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I am kind of a picky eater (under certain occasion(s) will I eat a hot dog etc), and I enjoy cooking. I am not a fan or mushrooms, green olives, or seafood. I write as a form of therapy, and to share what comes. I am not the “social-mixer” type, but I find joy in meaningful connections, and being part of the one humanity. I LOVE helping people who want to help themselves. May I?

Deeper: I have personal life experience that includes parental substance abuse and addiction in the home starting as a child and what that entails, co-dependent relationships in the home, generational dysfunction; anxiety; PTSD, panic attacks with intimacy, social anxiety, autism characteristics; spiritual / religious cognitive dissonance; and coming out as gay in my 30’s. These things do not define who I am however. They are experiences that have given life lots of flavor, and that make my experience unique. What makes your experience unique??

Discoveries: What I have found, and am still finding, is that the answers lie within. The same is true for each of us, but we have not been taught to connect with ourselves in a way that allows the answers to rise to the surface. Answers that rise from within, to the surface, are the answers we need; I can assist in that process.

Awareness is the key: By increasing awareness, I have realized that I DO have needs in relationships, and I CAN set boundaries. I have learned that anxiety is not who I am, but something that I sometimes experience. PTSD, panic attacks with intimacy, autistic characteristics, cognitive dissonance, and being gay are NOT who I am. They too, are part of my experience. If they fell away, I would still BE. Resolutions have surfaced as I have gone “in” and let answers rise to meet my awareness. Further resolutions are always welcome, and ongoing.

A Process: It is a continual process…I have not “made it”, and I don’t see an end to the process, which means I can learn to choose, and to enjoy, and to love the journey of the process. I can choose it, enjoy it, and love it…and suffer through it sometimes without judging what it looks like for me. It is different for each person, and THAT my friend, is what beauty is. I will guide you through the process. You will discover parts of your “self” that you think are beautiful, and parts that you think are not. All of that is normal and perfect. It will be fun. It won’t be fun. It will be meaningful.

YOU are beautiful, and handsome, and gorgeous, and cute…which ever resonates with you.

Together, lets look at your life, your emotions, and your thoughts, and discover the beauty that is your life experience. I really look forward to meeting you!



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