Randy Scott

Randall H. Scott is an author, speaker, coach, and the founder of Zenpowerment. With a degree in marketing, Randy spent a 25-year corporate career in international sales and marketing, while living in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. After nearly dying in a motorcycle accident at the age of 33, he realized that he had a second chance to live, so he went in search of what matters in life. His passion for the fusion of science and spirituality led him to compile the principles and tools of his first book, "Zenpowerment, Your Path to Peace, Power & Purpose". He's found a way to enjoy more peace, power, and purpose in life, as well as discover authenticity by uncovering who we are not in order to find out who we really are.Randy's areas of expertise include:- executive and executive team coaching- keynote speaking- creating more peace, power & purpose- mindfulness and emotional intelligence- standing in your power- reframing reality, including eliminating limiting beliefs, and learning to love ourselves completely


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