Rebekah Anderson

Hi, I am a single mom of three amazing children. I am currently a school guidance counselor at a charter school. With my students and private clients, I focus a lot on mindset and emotional intelligence. I love to support those I work with and create tool kits to help them navigate life. I believe that we all have the answers inside ourself and that, as a coach or guide, I simply get to hold space for you and support you in your journey. I especially enjoy helping individuals navigate depression/anxiety, self-worth and parenting. I love working with children and single parents. I am happy to work with you online or in person. I believe that we were all created for joy! I find joy and passion in: music, dancing, poetry, art, nature, yoga, plant-based nutrition, creating, exploring, laughing, learning from my children and being present. I would love to work with you as you acknowledge, allow and assess your feelings and emotions and to support you in discovering and living your highest level purpose in abundance and joy!


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