Ron Mathos

Prior to becoming Managing Partner of Performance Tailwinds Small Business Performance Consulting, trusted adviser and business development leader to senior leadership teams of smaller and large businesses. Forty years of experience with leadership teams around the world in a wide range of business and non-profit organizations. A systemic thinker with an eye to the future and feet on the ground. A graduate of Carnegie – Mellon University in chemical engineering and polymer science, built from a cultural platform of accountability, teamwork and application.Ron’s portfolio includes building performance of businesses, a college, market segments, products & services, non-profits and best practices to exceptional performance. Ron was a long standing performance improvement leader for DuPont and their networks.An life-long collaborator and integrator with many leading consultants on leadership and performance best practices to transform mindsets and the way people develop & execute vision / strategy, creating value and fostering human dignity in the workplace. Strong use of innovation, execution, and discovery of better mindset and behavior change.At the onset of 2018, Ron launched the Performance Tailwinds with Dave Mills. Ron & Dave combined their desire, skills and expertise to improve performance and well-being of smaller businesses through guaranteed profit improvement and mastering our inner selves, executing this through better awareness and attitudes.Specialties: A short list of Ron’s real skills and actions includes leadership, business development, innovation, complex problem solving & execution, vision to action, performance improvement leadership, integrated strategic, operational and results management planning and conflict resolution. Ron is value led, purpose driven and passion fueled.


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