Validating all human emotions

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Our WHY at Vibeonix is to validate that we all matter.

Our emotions. Our stories. Our lives. Through awareness, we get to



​​How does Vibeonix Technology work?


Emotions drive everything you do.  Like your thumbprint, you are distinguished by your unique frequencies. The vibration of your voice, along with our technology, can show you your current vibration and emotions including happiness, love, ambition, curiosity, and loneliness. This awareness brings an understanding of choice in how you think, feel and act every day. Through scientifically proven algorithms and checking your VIBE, you will better understand your emotions and how they drive your reality.  


Why certify as a Vibeonix Guide?


Certifying as a Vibeonix guide is not only an opportunity to learn about yourself and how you connect with the world, but it is also a business opportunity. The certification in our proprietary technology will give you tools, knowledge, and support to assist yourself, your family, friends, co-workers, clients, and to create your own thriving business.


What is the Vibe Tribe?


The Vibe Tribe is a Certified Vibeonix Guide and is part of an exclusive founding tribe who agrees to assist in bringing the technology into full activation by offering feedback and utilizing the Assessment as a tool in their practice.


What is included in my Certification?

  • Understanding the Assessment 

  • Lessons and presentations 

  • Training videos and materials 

  • Gift Bundle- 4 Assessments 

  • Guide/Client Portal Access

  • Online content management

  • Assessment wholesale pricing

  • 10% ongoing commission payout


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