Congratulations on taking the next step in emotional understanding.

Let’s consider the following to better understand your emotions and the role they play.

Vibrational Frequency

Frequency is how you tune your thoughts. That which the mind thinks is what it is attuned to. Just like a radio station, you have to tune to the station you want to hear rather than tune to a station you don’t want to hear. The power of the mind is what allows you to choose your thoughts and the perception of the world you wish to have. Choosing the frequency of thought every day will begin to reprogram your mind to find the good feeling thoughts you desire. When you choose your frequency, the brain reacts. 

Your vibration is your personal energy frequency.  It is the energy imprint that you are sending out into the world, based on the thoughts you choose to focus on.

As you choose the frequency you want more and more often, this becomes your vibration.  Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence, and it is specific to you.  Thoughts that we operate over and over become our belief system, our vibration.  Your vibration is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, self-image, the way you care for the earth and others. The higher your vibration, the more light you hold, the faster your light particles vibrate, the higher your consciousness and the stronger you are connected to your soul and highest self. This is the physical manifestation of your level of awareness. Have you ever met anyone and you recognize that you immediately like their vibe?  You are feeling from them a vibration that you like. Just as you may meet someone you don’t like to be around because of how you feel around them, their vibration and your vibration do not flow together, you are not in resonance with one another. High vibration means that the frequency of the energetic waves is close together, these high vibrations are more positive. Positivity attracts! Low vibration means that the frequency of the energetic waves are far apart and these low vibrations are more negative. Negativity is repelling!

Your personal “vibe” is either positively affecting yourself, those you are around, and your environment or negatively infecting yourself, those you are around, and your environment. When you affect the world you create, you see more love, peace, and joy.  If you are not affecting the world, you might be infecting yourself and those you come in contact with.  Do things seem like they never work out? Do people leave your life due to the infection you put out? 

Scientists can measure the state of the brain based on the frequency of your thoughts. They can also measure how fast your thoughts travel! Scientists used to believe that energy traveled at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. They more recently discovered, however, that it travels 700 times faster! Thought being energy, therefore, means that thought travels at the same speed, which is 130,200,000 miles per second. Your thoughts are creating your reality through the frequency and vibration of energy at an amazing speed.

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The Four Brainwave Frequencies 

The frequency of brainwaves is calculated in ‘cycles per second‘, or Hertz (Hz). The frequencies vary depending on the type of activity in which the brain is engaged.  Scientists commonly categorize the electromagnetic waves in four patterns, which reflect different types of brain activity throughout the day: Delta waves, Theta waves, Alpha waves, and Beta waves. 


Everything in the universe has a unique energy. Anything that has “matter” has energetic vibrations. Energy is a force that takes unlimited forms and is manifested in many ways. Rocks, trees, plants, soil, insects, animals all have energy. The carpet in your living room, the material on your sofa, the wood in your dining table, the glass in your all has energy vibrations. We live in an ocean of motion. Emotion is energy in motion. The food you eat, your hair, nails, clothes, internal body parts all have energy. 

Most importantly you must realize that even your thoughts and feelings are energy. Your thoughts create the feelings you feel, and the feelings generate energy within that you act from. Once you attach an emotion to a belief (feeling), it is the energy you move from which causes a reaction all around you. Energy is what causes creation in your life. The energy you have created within is what you move from and is the energy that shows up all around you. Being aware of your emotions is an important element to understanding your energy, your life force, your spiritual and your emotional well-being. 

“In all the universe there can be no such thing as luck or fate; every action, every thought is governed by law. Behind every bit of good fortune lie the causes that we ourselves have some time, somewhere set in motion. Behind all ill-fortune we will find the energy, we ourselves, have generated. Every cause must have a certain definite effect, there is no dodging the results, we reap what we sow with exact mathematical precision.”

-Venice Bloodworth



Why are emotions important? To lead your best life and discover your best, happiest, most fulfilled self, you must explore and bravely delve into ALL of your feelings, even the elusive ones. Identifying your emotions can help unlock them.


Probably one of the most challenging tasks is to learn how to love yourself and get comfortable with your wide spectrum of emotions. It’s about accepting who you are, but also understanding your capacity and desire for MORE.

As you practice more self-compassion and learn to love yourself more fully, it’s likely you may need to alter your habits and beliefs about who you are and what you believe you deserve. You might have grown up believing you are “too little” or “too much.” You might even avoid certain emotions because they’re uncomfortable. In fact, sometimes you can’t pinpoint WHAT you’re feeling. It can be a struggle in identifying emotions. 


Vibeonix Assessment can give a picture through biofeedback of your emotional base-line at any given time.

As you come to love yourself more and seek to live a more FULL-filling life, you must change the habits and beliefs that limit you. Those habits and beliefs will hold you back. Your limiting beliefs will whisper in your ear resistance that you’re not enough. You don’t deserve your success. You’re too much. No one could ever care for you. You should give up.

It is not uncommon to feel you’re not deserving. You may feel you’re unloved or unlovable. You may carry guilt and pain from your past. You may experience frustration on your journey as often as you experience victory. It’s hard to feel like you deserve more. It can be difficult to believe you deserve success.

Changing your thoughts about whom you are even threatening your very sense of self–the truth you’ve come to believe about who you are.

Change isn’t an easy task.  There’s no denying the importance of emotions in life. Identifying emotions and feelings can help you work through them and move past the beliefs that are causing the results you don’t like.

The start of all transformation begins in your mind. The mind connects your physical self to your spiritual (true) self. Your body will respond to a new way of thinking and feeling about yourself as you transmute the concept you hold of yourself within your mind.  When the choice becomes an experience you will never forget, that's the moment the past no longer exists inside you.

Given the understanding that emotion is actually “energy in motion,” it is important to distinguish what it looks and feels like to increase your emotional awareness. Most people work from the belief that if they think and talk more about how they feel, that feeling within will changes. Although this approach can bring initial awareness, it can be ineffective. It is common for this approach to hinder the process of expressing and managing emotions. In doing so, it keeps the process of expression at the level of thought vs. actual feeling or energy movement. In order to successfully express emotion, you have to move your emotional energy by identifying the sensations and releasing states of contraction.

Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body.  How you think and how you feel creates a state of being. Once you begin to emotionally embrace that future reality, a vision of how you would like your life to be, you create it before it manifests. When you combine an intention with a high vibration emotion, the freedom, the joy and gratitude you have for that experience, your body as the unconscious mind believes it is living in the future reality in the present moment.  Now your beginning to be in a new state of being, a new personality.  All beliefs are based on past experiences. In order for you to change a belief or perception about yourself and your life, you have to make a decision with such firm intention that the amplitude of that decision carries a level of energy that is greater than the hard-wired programs in your brain and the emotional conditions in your body.  

In modern society, you are encouraged to solve problems with your mind… yet your mind can only give you the solutions you already know.  You have a MUCH more powerful tool for creating the life you want: YOUR EMOTIONS. This is commonly known as Emotional Intelligence. Those with high emotional intelligence are more successful in all aspects of life, as they are better able to discern what is going on within themselves and those around them. 

Your emotions are your inner guidance system, revealing if your beliefs align with your highest good or are misaligned with your highest good.  You want to experience emotions of joy, happiness, and ease–and these are present when you align with your highest good through your beliefs, the thought frequency you choose every moment of every day.   

“What the studies are showing is that human emotion, heart-based emotion, is one of the signals that literally influence the DNA of our body.” - Gregg Braden

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