Focus Group

Terms & Privacy Policy


Welcome and thank you for volunteering to take part in this focus group. Your point of view is important to us. 


This focus group is designed to assess the effect of the Vibeonix Assessment over your emotional and mental wellbeing. 



We would like to assure you that the study will be anonymous. The assessment result notes of the focus group will contain no information that would allow individual subjects to be linked to specific statements. We and the other focus group participants would appreciate it if you would refrain from discussing the comments of other group members outside the focus group. 




Varied ages and races that are open to bioenergetic water.


Participant Consent: 

By submitting the "Participant Form" you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this agreement. Participants will be utilizing the Vibeonix Self Guided Assessments to monitor the changes in your emotional and mental wellbeing weekly. 



All results will be recorded in the Vibeonix Portal and only those within Vibeonix and the actual participant will be able to access the results.  Participants acknowledge that once the study is complete all results will be made public.  Each participant's name WILL NOT be made public without prior written consent from the participant. 



Vibeonix will provide one (1) Vibeonix Self Guided Assessment to the participant each week.

The participant will be sent a discount code to purchase their Vibeonix Self Guided Assessment every week.  The codes will be valid for 7 days from the email date. If the code or assessment is not utilized, then the participant voids their agreement and is removed from the study.


Ground Rules:


  • Each person will be asked to participate in a four (4) week study. 

  • The participant will be responsible to take a Vibeonix Assessment each

  • Monday for four (4) consecutive Mondays. 

  • You will be responsible to check your email regularly for ongoing instructions.

  • Each participant will be given access to the Vibeonix Portal.

  • Weekly discount codes will be provided for your Self Guided Assessment via email.

  • Every Monday morning you will access your Portal and take a Vibeonix Assessment. (We ask that you only take the Assessment on Monday Mornings. You will NOT need to take an assessment every day.) 

  • A weekly survey will be provided for you to respond to your assessment accuracy.

  • You will repeat the process every Monday, for four (4) consecutive weeks. 

  • All results will be monitored by the Vibeonix Facilitator.

  • This focus group is to determine if/what the affects of the Vibeonix Assessment on your emotional and mental well being utilizing the Vibeonix Assessment Technology.