6 Week Program - Start Dates
MAy 6, 2021
5:30 PM EST
Change Starts Here!

Are you a coach looking to increase client awareness and improve coaching outcomes?

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Connect with your clients faster and more effectively.

LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: A just released study by the American Psychological Association revealed:

46% of US adults are not comfortable going back to work living like they used to.

49% of US adults feel uneasy about adjusting to in-person interaction.

  • There has never been a more important time to launch your coaching business or expand it. The demand outweighs the supply.

  • People are hurting and generalized anxiety has become the norm. 

  • Join us for a 6 week coaching program using new tools that will accelerate your impact and grow your business.

  • What’s the catch? No catch

  • You will learn new coaching content, get hands on practice and connect with a coaching community for only 37$ per week. 

A coaching model that is both the simplest to understand and utilize, as well as has the most research to support its effectiveness

Learn how to facilitate utilizing a new method of coaching.

How to integrate a new coaching tool into your practice

Accelerate your impact and grow your business.

Calling all Coaches... We have a mission, should you choose to accept it.

Join us for a 6 week coaching program using the latest biofeedback tool that helps quantify emotional wellness.  

You will learn new coaching content, get hands on practice and connect with a coaching community using the latest voice technology.


Included in your program:

  • Learn the techniques and tools that will help you help others achieve their goals.

  • Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long term change in people.

  • Utilize a research proven, step-by-step coaching model and learn how to incorporate this model into your current coaching practice.

  • Be able to teach what you learn with confidence.

  • Increase your credibility.

  • Add niche coaching, integrating the latest voice technology into your coaching business.

  • Offer new services to current clients.

  • Add additional sources of revenue to your bottom line.

  • Receive the use of the latest biofeedback assessment with your purchase of the 6 week program

6 Week Program
Start Date
May 6, 2021

Looking to create a deeper connection and understanding?

iCoach is a coaching model that helps clients become more aware of the current limiting beliefs and restrictive emotions they are experiencing so they can take action and attain their professional or personal desires.

Are you ready to G.R.O.W. your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

G-oal = Proactive/Reactive

O-ptions = Mindset

R-eality = Emotions

W-ay forward = motivational Intrinsic

Coaches will learn how to implement a coaching model that helps the client develop new awareness, and facilitates their development of new insights to achieve their goals. 


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